Proclaimed throughout the ages as ‘windows of the soul’ the eyes are now acknowledged as ‘mirrors of the body’

Welcome to our iridology and horse herbs web site where you can find out more about iridology, its history and how it can be of benefit to you and your horse, you will also find valuable information about the use of herbs for horses.

Iridology gives you the opportunity to understand your horse’s body, how it is affected by the world in which it lives and how to realise it’s potential.

Does your horse have a problem that you can’t get to the bottom of such as stiffness, lameness, behavioural or temperament problems etc. If so there’s help for you and your horse through equine iridology, helping find the route cause to your horse’s problems.

“It was suggested I tried my mare with a blend of herbs to help with her blood disorder and the results have been amazing…”

“The readings that you gave us not only underlined what we had been told by the vet and the chiropractor but also gave us invaluable extra information and further insight into how to treat their various problems…”

“Iridology helped to identify that my horse’s shoulder problem was originating from the centre of his back…”

A Picture Of Health

Horses with a bright and shining eye are said to be in good health whereas those with a dull and listless eye are said to be in poor health.  Iridology goes a step further……

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