Case Studies

Case Study 1

I saw a horse that was breaking out with recurring abscesses in the jaw line similar to that of strangles. The horse had already undergone testing for strangles with a negative result. The horse had additional sore areas around the dock and head area which he would rub to such an extent that his personality changed dramatically and he became aggressive, distressed and very difficult to handle. His hooves were very brittle and in poor condition and his coat was dull and listless.

I was able to identify high levels of toxicity and inherited weaknesses that were further compounded by the horse’s diet. With a change in diet and the addition of specific herbs to his daily feed, this horse is now quiet and pleasant in nature and is no longer suffering the recurring abscesses. His feet are in good condition and he has a healthy shine to his coat.

Case Study 2

A horse that was refusing to go forward in canter and favoured one diagonal much more than the other was identified as having stress lines present. The stress lines travelled from the nearside shoulder to the offside pelvic area. It was evident from the iris markings that the stress lines originated in the back area and therefore could be related to the suitability and fitting of the saddle. The advise of a reputable saddler was sought to correctly measure the horse and either adjust the existing saddle or make a correctly fitting saddle. As the existing saddle did not have the capacity for further adjustment, a wither pattern was taken and a new saddle made, the horse now goes forward extremely well and has been able to get back in work and resume his competitive programme. Saddle & fitting service provided by Barnsby Saddles.

Horses with high levels of toxicity suffer a whole host of problems including skin irritations.

Eggerton Working Hunter Saddle by Barnsby Saddles
We should not underestimate the importance of a correctly fitting saddle which is crucial to the movement and comfort of the horse and rider. An ill fitting saddle can cause behavioural problems due to pain and can restrict and inhibit movement.

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