Mark Smith Dip. Equine Iridology

My name is Mark Smith and I am based in the West Midlands. I am a qualified equine iridologist having trained with the world renown Ellen Collinson. I have always had a passion for horses and it was my own experience of a particular horse which had problems that proved very difficult to diagnose and treat, that first lead me to enquire about equine iridology. My experience was such that I then went on to train in this field.

For many centuries oriental cultures have harnessed the power of natural herbs and I am a firm believer that nature holds the answers. I have a very active and keen interest in the use of natural herbs and have found the use of herbal treatments for specific problems extremely beneficial. I have also found specific herbs to be excellent as a general all round conditioner, aiding the good health and wellbeing of animals I have both owned and worked with.

If a multi-disciplinary approach is required, I have forged links with other practitioners and ensure a truly holistic approach is taken.

I am fully committed to ongoing professional development. I continue to complete relevant training courses in order to further develop and expand my knowledge and expertise in the area of equine health.

Mark at home with the horses.

Mark with a young haflinger at Royal Windsor Show

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